The Desk Art

The Custom Piece of Desk Art... does any personalized piece of desk art get any more awesome than this?  Yah' that's right... NOPE!  Put your name, your company or your brand on it... or some ridiculously not-awesome quote about how you make the world more awesome - and we'll be the judge if it's awesome enough to custom engrave onto your personalized piece of awesome desk art.

Just don't forget, you can't buy awesomeness - you can only be it.  And this custom piece of desk art is going to help you get there... that is of course if you buy it — weird how that works, we know... but your desk is thirsty for this.

Dimensions of this awesome piece of desk art are just a fraction under 7.0" x 2.0" x 0.75"... for those metrically inclined meter maids 18cm x 5cm x 2cm.  If you need exact dimensions to be sure your creative station is large enough to fit this awesomeness, email us and we will tell you it is.

Be sure you get your custom piece of desk art in time to celebrate Colorado's "Awesome Day" holiday on January 11th.  I know it's hard to believe that Coloradoawesomeans have their own designated awesome day... but it's true.  January 11th in Colorado is one of the highest motivational factors we have here at I Love Awesomeness to continue to make products that keep your life just a cut more awesome than others.  Just click this awesome link and educate yourself.

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