About Awesomeness

The About Us page of your shop is vital because it’s where users go when first trying to determine a level of trust.  Since we are awesome, you can trust us.  Since trust is such an important part of selling awesome things online, it’s a good idea to give you a fair amount information about us and our shop. So here are a few things we are going to touch on.


1 — Who are we?

We are awesome... that is all.


2 — Why we sell the items we sell?

We were sick and tired on not having awesome shirts to wear... so we made some.


3 — Where are we located?

We are located in the beautiful state of Colorado.  Right smack dab in the middle of all the awesomeness our state has to offer.


4 — How long have we been in business?

I was born three months from the 70s ending... so I've lived through 4 decades of pretty much the most awesome times in human existence.  Why do I say "human" existence?  Because I bet the dinosaurs were pretty fucking awesome too.

My brother lived through 6 years of 70s disco bending dance floors which gives him an even better perception of how awesome the 80s actually were... which is where we are focusing a large portion of our business.  Things like "the delorean" and "the mix tape" simply can't go un awesomenessed.


5 — Who are the people on our awesomeness team?

See the above description... and if your super awesome like us, join our awesome team.