The TaberNashville

The TaberNashville... does it get any more awesome than this?  Yah' that's right... it does. This is the future of Colorado ... and it's located in Grand County.

Only 8 viable towns exist when you enter the GC on Highway 40. Winter Park takes all the fame and glory. Fraser claims they are the coldest. But all the real locals know the TaberNastyNashville is the real king of the cold.  

The Gumby's in Granby house the schools where all the GCBOIZ learn. Grand Lake is where they swim. Hot Sulphurs is where they go to court. Kremlins is your Parshall reward for making it up that far on the old Main Street of America.  

We don't make it up there too often, but we always pass through The TaberNashville.

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  • The TaberNashville